An exhibition of my documentary photography project 20 in 15 – The Lives of Artists is to be held at Mine Gallery Carshalton, from 5th – 27th March. The exhibition is being supported by Arts Network Sutton. Their creative arts grant will go a long way to help pay for printing and mounting costs for the photography- Thank you ANS! The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 10-5pm and it is free entry. Please call in and say hello.

mine gallery, 30-34 High Street, Carshalton SM5 3AG


20in15 is complete!

20in15 is complete! Over the past year, I have enjoyed every single moment of photographing some amazing people.

My sincere THANKS go out to everyone who has been involved so far – Kathryn Sherriff, Alan Sherriff, Alban Low, Peter S Smith,  Alex Foster, Guy Meredith, John Stillman, Lucinda Metcalfe, Wayne Sleeth, Sean Chilvers, Lucy Furlong, Kendra Haste, Karin Andrews Jashapara, Jeremy Clark, The Glow Studio, Lisa Lavis, Abel Kesteven, Emma Capron, Emily Hall, Dan Redding, Mel Hetherington, Aga Cowling, Andrew Candy, Robert Good, Kimvi Nguyen, Hazard Press, Emmanuelle Carreras. 

You have been nothing but supportive of my work, given invaluable feedback and critique, and I have learned so much from observing your work and spending time with you in your studios. I hope more than anything this project has and will in some small way draw more attention to your brilliance, and to that thing none of us can live without – creativity! Although the photography is complete, there is lots more to come with this project. I am hoping to exhibit prints at [mine] gallery, Carshalton in March and working on publishing the project as a photo book. More on all of that soon…


Alban Low – A Creative Force

There is no doubt, Alban Low is a creative force. I first met him as an artist, carving a name for himself in the music world with his impressive album artwork illustration, and musician portraits sketched at gigs. His sketches are now accompanied by his words, at the popular blog Art of Jazz. He is an advocate of inclusivity, and that is at of the core of his work. Open submission exhibitions like the Magnet Art, Art Jazzed Up, and The Art of Caring have welcomed everyone. He has recently revived, and now curates the Low family publishing house Sampson Low. which is moving forward with a strong arts identity. The most recent publication has been released as a small but perfectly formed 16 page Chapbook. His drive and enthusiasm knows no bounds, and it was a great pleasure to photograph Alban at work recently in his studio. Completing a portrait commission at his home made lightbox, he recalled the moment when, “In art class, I got told that tracing was cheating. I’m glad I didn’t take that advice.” Quick and fine with his brush, using exclusively Honeydew Melon 09, Alban assured me it’s this year’s ‘new black’.

See the photos from my visit here

All cameras ‘grate’ and small


Daniel Redding is London’s go-to video guy. Filming everything from jazz luminaries to dirty boats. As with all the creatives I am photographing for 20in15, I’m trying to reveal the process that goes into the final product or end result. Often, that is all we see. Dan invited me to his location of the day to document the camera setup. A few days later I joined him in his state-of-the-art-editing-suite-bedroom. Spurred on by his trademark ‘stove-top latte’ he re-lives every moment of every angle, from every camera, over and over again. The results are stunning. It’s a lot of work. He needs assistants and a secretary. A haircut too. Actually, that is harsh. He has had it cut recently and I like it. I’m probably just jealous of his ability to grow the stuff.

Check his amazing videos on Vimeo. See the full image series here

Alex Foster – Illustrator

Office chair, print on wall

I just finished another set of photos for 20in15 with illustrator Alex Foster. He specialises in map illustrations, print and editorial work, creating from his Margate based studio. Orders come at a fast pace through his online shop, and if you take a look at it you can see why. Adverts, films, books, clothing, and a recent commission of timelines for the Roald Dahl company make up his impressive portfolio. For someone who told me “I’m not very good at drawing”, I think he’s doing pretty well! Thanks to meeting Alex, I now know how to find the best pizza place in town (and probably the planet), I have better clothing, and I really want to visit Margate again.