There is no doubt, Alban Low is a creative force. I first met him as an artist, carving a name for himself in the music world with his impressive album artwork illustration, and musician portraits sketched at gigs. His sketches are now accompanied by his words, at the popular blog Art of Jazz. He is an advocate of inclusivity, and that is at of the core of his work. Open submission exhibitions like the Magnet Art, Art Jazzed Up, and The Art of Caring have welcomed everyone. He has recently revived, and now curates the Low family publishing house Sampson Low. which is moving forward with a strong arts identity. The most recent publication has been released as a small but perfectly formed 16 page Chapbook. His drive and enthusiasm knows no bounds, and it was a great pleasure to photograph Alban at work recently in his studio. Completing a portrait commission at his home made lightbox, he recalled the moment when, “In art class, I got told that tracing was cheating. I’m glad I didn’t take that advice.” Quick and fine with his brush, using exclusively Honeydew Melon 09, Alban assured me it’s this year’s ‘new black’.

See the photos from my visit here


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