All cameras ‘grate’ and small


Daniel Redding is London’s go-to video guy. Filming everything from jazz luminaries to dirty boats. As with all the creatives I am photographing for 20in15, I’m trying to reveal the process that goes into the final product or end result. Often, that is all we see. Dan invited me to his location of the day to document the camera setup. A few days later I joined him in his state-of-the-art-editing-suite-bedroom. Spurred on by his trademark ‘stove-top latte’ he re-lives every moment of every angle, from every camera, over and over again. The results are stunning. It’s a lot of work. He needs assistants and a secretary. A haircut too. Actually, that is harsh. He has had it cut recently and I like it. I’m probably just jealous of his ability to grow the stuff.

Check his amazing videos on Vimeo. See the full image series here


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